Reading Groups

Session 1: Psychedelics and the Future of Religion

T&T post-doctoral fellow J. Christian Greer will be leading a weekly reading group, open to Harvard faculty, staff, and students. Participants will examine the historical contexts and currents that developed the “psychedelic” interpretation of mind-expanding drugs. We will critically examine the historical movement of psychedelic spiritualities that have emerged in the modern period of U.S. history, as well as the implicit sexism, classism, and consumerism embedded within the shifting narratives of psychedelic culture.

In addition to our discussions, we will make regular visits to the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library (LSD), now held at Harvard University. As the world’s largest private collection of material on the alterations of consciousness, it will be a primary source for our collective explorations and the study of psychedelic spirituality generally.

The reading group will meet weekly. Please contact Christian Greer for more information.


Session 3The Divine Feminine and Its Discontents

T&T post-doctoral fellows' Hadi Fakhoury and Mimi Winick will be leading a reading group that will accompany this series, open to faculty, staff, and students. Please contact Hadi or Mimi if you wish to participate.