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Peril to DemocracyThe after effects of the 1/6 Insurrection continue to reverberate across America. Since that fateful and disturbing day, pushbacks against the teaching of race in America, abortion rollbacks, and Covid denialism have swept across the country. What has been the role of evangelical Christianity in fueling these issues? Professor Butler’s lecture will explore the historical antecedents of Evangelical beliefs and political action leading up to today’s troubling times, and the prospects for the future of religion, peace and political action in America. October 28th at 5:30pm EST. More Details.


Professor Charles Stang. Photo: Justin Knight
Professor Charles M. Stang
Director, CSWR

The CSWR seeks to promote the study of the world’s religions in their classical and contemporary forms, serving both as a residential community of students and scholars and an international “think tank” in the study of religion.


CSWR Courtyard

Thirteen apartments located within the CSWR are available for rent by students and affiliates of Harvard University by application to the Center.

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Featured Resident

Sherah Bloor

Sherah Bloor

PhD student Sherah Bloor speaks on her work in poetry, philosophy, religion, and community. 

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