The CSWR sponsors a variety of formal and informal academic programs designed to engage scholars and students of religious studies in what is becoming an increasingly globalized field, including lectures, film screenings, conferences and colloquia, panel discussions, and more, many of which are open to the public. CSWR events are wide ranging, covering the historical study of the religions of the world, as well as lived traditions and current events. Events that are open to the public are listed below. Video, audio, and photos of past events are available on our News and Events page.

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THE WORD DROPPED LIKE A STONE: Sacred Poetics Under the Reign of the Money God

November 4, 2021

Today the great weapon used to stifle critical thinking is a raw overwhelm of meaningless language at every turn—on our phones, on our TV’s, in our periphery on billboards and subways. So often the language is passionately absolute: immigrants are evil, climate change is a hoax, and this new Rolex will make you irresistible. Interesting poetry awakens us, asks us to slow down our metabolization of language, to become aware of its materiality, how it enters into us. Sacred poetry, from antiquity to the present, teaches us to be comfortable sitting in mystery without trying to resolve it, to be skeptical of unqualified certitudes. In reminding us that language has history, density, complexity, such poetry becomes a potent antidote against an empire that would use empty, vapid language to cudgel us into inaction.
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Exploring Magical Consciousness

Video: Exploring Magical Consciousness as a Form of Knowledge

October 26, 2021

Welcome to the first event of GnoseologiesTranscendence and Transformation Today in which we will discuss “magic” with Dr. Susan Greenwood. This series focuses on ways of knowing that are often labeled as “non-rational.” Traditionally referred to as gnosis in Western philosophical and religious traditions, and often understood in contraposition to science (episteme), these ways of knowing are becoming more and more influential in contemporary societies, popular culture, and academic research. What is the place of spirit...

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The Divine Feminine

Video: The Divine Feminine: A Modern Genealogy

October 26, 2021

Fellows Hadi Fakhoury and Mimi Winick for a discussion with Joy Dixon (University of British Columbia) of her first book, Divine Feminine: Theosophy and Feminism in England, along with her new book project tentatively titled, Sexual Heresies: Religion, Science, and Sexuality in Modern Britain. Among other things, the discussion will explore a genealogy of the concept of the “divine feminine” in modern esotericism, and its intersection with questions of politics, religion, sex, gender, and sexuality. This event is the first in the CSWR’s year-long series on “The Divine Feminine and Its Discontents.”
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Native American Church

Video: The Native American Church and the Sacrament of Peyote

October 14, 2021

A conversation with Native American Church leaders Steven Benally and Sandor Iron Rope, who discussed the centuries-old sacramental use of plant medicines such as peyote. They explored the history of the persecution of this plant medicine and the Indigenous peoples and cultures for whom it is sacred, and how Indigenous perspectives might complicate or challenge the contemporary “psychedelic renaissance.”
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