Video: Faith and Faustian Bargains: Compromise, Complicity, and Courage in Leadership

February 27, 2019
Professor Cornell Brooks
Professor Cornell Brooks is the 2019 recipient of the annual Greeley Award for Peace and Social Justice.

Race and religion are among the best predictors of how Americans choose a president. Race and religion are also bases for political compromises that call into question our moral credibility on issues ranging from voting rights to police brutality.

Cornell Brooks and Todne Thomas discuss how we demonstrate courage when we decline or choose to compromise during the Annual Greeley Lecture for Peace and Social Justice at the HDS Center for the Study of World Religions.

Cornell Brooks is Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership and Social Justice at Harvard Kennedy School and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Divinity School.  Todne Thomas is a socio-cultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor of African American Religions at Harvard Divinity School.