Video: Anthropology as Cosmic Diplomacy: Toward an Ecological Ethics for the Anthropocene

November 15, 2017
Professor Eduardo Kohn
Professor Eduardo Kohn conceptualizes "sylvan" thinking in his book How Forests Think.

"Forests think." Eduardo Kohn, author of the book How Forests Think, discusses a kind of thinking, which he calls “sylvan," that is manifested by tropical forests and those that live with them. This mode of thought can provide an ethical orientation in these times of planetary human-driven ecological devastation that some call the “Anthropocene." He presents his work as “cosmic diplomacy."

How Forests Think, which has been translated into several languages, won the 2014 Gregory Bateson Prize and is short-listed for the upcoming 2018 Prix littéraire François Sommer. Eduardo Kohn's research continues to be concerned with capacitating sylvan thinking in its many forms. He teaches Anthropology at McGill University.