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Looking Ahead to Spring 2017

Looking Forward to the Spring 2017 Semester

January 19, 2017

In my last semester as Director (I step down in June), I am just back from three weeks in India — in keeping with the happy but exhausting way we tend to spend the precious weeks of January. I went first to Chennai, which I have been visiting since 1982, primarily to participate in two conferences marking the 1000th birth anniversary of the great Hindu theologian Ramanuja. Both conferences brought together international and local scholars to explore the writings and legacy of Ramanuja, his Srivaisnava tradition, and to inquire into his relevance for today.

World Religions Café


BlasphemyPicture of Laura Anne Thompson, PhD Candidate in Religion and Anthropology, Harvard University

Laura Thompson spoke about blasphemy cases in post-Arab-Spring Tunisia (2011-2013)

Journey to BodhicittaPicture of Ching-ning Wang

Ching-ning Wang delivered a moving talk about her journey to become a Buddhist nun