The CSWR sponsors a variety of formal and informal academic programs designed to engage scholars and students of religious studies in what is becoming an increasingly globalized field, including lectures, film screenings, conferences and colloquia, panel discussions, and more, many of which are open to the public. CSWR events are wide ranging, covering the historical study of the religions of the world, as well as lived traditions and current events. Events that are open to the public are listed below. Video, audio, and photos of past events are available on our News and Events page.

  • See Map and Directions for information on getting to the CSWR.
  • The CSWR facilities are wheelchair accessible.
  • Public parking is not readily available in the immediate vicinity of the CSWR, although there is limited metered parking nearby, on Oxford, Kirkland, and Beacon Streets.
  • For additional information, email Ariella Ruth Goldberg or call 617.495.4476.

CSWR Upcoming Events

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CSWR Events Videos

The Hindu Margins: Third Gender and Women Spiritual Partners

Video: The Hindu Margins: Third Gender and Women Spiritual Partners

April 27, 2021

This lecture focused on the Hindu view of life from the margins. While the “Hindu margin” is a fairly large heterogeneous group, this lecture laid the lens on the third gender, Kinnars (pejorative term hijṛā) and spiritual partners, categorized as “consorts.” Both these groups were discussed within the ritual praxis of “lived religions,” within the larger world of Śākta Tantra (Goddess esoteric traditions).... Read more about Video: The Hindu Margins: Third Gender and Women Spiritual Partners

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism book cover

Video: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism

April 20, 2021

Where do our ideas about how the economy works, and our views on economic policy, come from? Critics of contemporary economics complain that belief in free markets, among economists as well as many ordinary citizens, is a form of religion. The foundational transition in thinking about what we now call economics, beginning in the eighteenth century, was decisively shaped by the hotly contended lines of religious thought at that time within the English-speaking Protestant world.... Read more about Video: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism

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