Past Affiliates S-Z

NameYearProject Title or Area of Study
Abdul Saadi1998-99"The Commentary of Moshe bar Kepha on Luke: A Christian Apology Responding to Muslims"
Fatima Sadiqi2006-07Women, Islam, and language
Nezhat Safa-Isfehani1979-80 
Doris Salcedo2002-03Through the medium of art, focusing on different forms of confinement within the context of war
Steven Saltzmann2005-06Leader of the Adath Israel Congregation in Toronto
James Sanford1969-71 
Lamin Sanneh1981-82 
Marcell Sass2012 
Makoto Sawai2016Comparative study of the Divine Names of God in Islam and Tenrikyo
Yoshitsugu Sawai1988-89History of religions
William Sax1988-89 
Jacob Schacter1994-95 
Ellen Schattschneider2002-03"Facing the Dead: Paradoxes of Resemblance in Japanese Spirit Marriage"
Kevin Schilbrack2002-03A critical survey of the resources in philosophy of religion for thinking about religions across cultures
Sol Schimmel1985-86 
Susan Schomburg1992-94Comparative study of Islam and Hinduism, with a focus on the adaptation and interaction of these traditions in India
Nancy Lusignan Schultz2002-03"Mrs. Mattingly's Cure and Other Wonders: Roman Catholic Miracles in the Early American Republic"
Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza2006-07"Race and Ethnicity and Early Christian Studies: A Symposium"
Graham Schweig1984-8?Music and religion
Don Seeman1996-97"One People, One Blood: Ethiopian-Israelis and the Context of Social Experience"
Kazushige Sekioka1993-94Protestant Christianity in Japan and its relationship to Japanese religions and culture, especially during the Meiji era
Thomas Selover1983-84"Religious Dimensions of Sung Confucian Experience: Hsieh Shang-ts'ai (1050-1103) and the Ch'eng school"
 2007-08Research on the Analects of Confucius and how the text is used today
Susan Sered2000-01"Religious Healing in Boston: Jews, Ritual, and Healing Services"
Bartolome Servera1981-82Ancient history and archaeology
Meir Shahar1991-92"Jigong: An Interdisciplinary Study in Chinese Religion, Fiction, and Popular Culture"
Arvind Sharma1995-96"A Primal Perspective on the Philosophy of Religion"
Laxmi Sharma1977-78 
Miranda Shaw1985-86 
Rosalind Shaw1994-95"Ritual and Social Memory," among the Temne of Sierra Leone
Elora Shehabuddin2004-05"Reshaping the Holy: Muslim Women's Activism in Bangladesh"
Fumiko Shibata1998-99 
Alwi Shihab1995-96Muslim-Christian encounters in Indonesia
Jiweon Shin1995-96"States, Nationalism, and Institutionalization of Christianity in Asian Nations: A Historical Comparative Analysis of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan"
Jo Shinsho1981-83 
Neelima Shukla-Bhatt1996-2000Devotional poetry of Gujarati poet Narasinha Mehta (d. 1486)
Mohammad Siddiq1996-97Diffusion of Islam in Bengal during the period 1205-1717
Muzammil Siddiqi1973-74"Muslim Views of Christianity in the Middle Ages: An Analytical Study of Ibn Taymiyah's Work on Christianity" 
Ian Siggins1983-84 
Geoffrey Simmins1998-99"Sacred Spaces in Evolution: Religious Architecture in North America Since 1960"
Uriel Simon1994-95The twelfth-century Hebrew scholar, poet, astronomer, grammarian Rabbi Abrahim ibn Ezra
Amritjit Singh1991-92 
Harbans Singh1968-69 
Nripinder Singh1983-84"Ethical Perceptions of the Sikh Community of the Late Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Century: An Essay in Sikh Moral Tradition"
Krishna Sivaraman1963-64 
Russell Sizemore1984-85 
Timothy (T. J.) Skulstad-Brown2004-06Divinity studies
C. Peter Slater1999-2000"Wilfred Cantwell Smith, Robert Lawson Slater, and the Role of Dialogue in the Study of Religion"
Hendrik Jan Slettenhaar2003-04The reconciling effects of European Union candidature on Serbia and Croatia
Ninian Smart1983-84Philosophy
Jennifer Smit1996-97The cosmological principles that governed the Late Classic Maya city planning and urban settlement patterns of the Copán Valley in Honduras
Henry Smith1993-94Buddhist-Christian dialogue in an age of pluralism 
Jane I. Smith1969-70 
Mary Carroll Smith1988-89"Enjoying the Fruit in Paradise: An Interface Between Theology and the History of Religions"
Theophus Smith1993-94"Nonviolence 'Modeling' in Diverse Religions"
Harold Snow1979-80 
Terry Snowball2002-03Redefine and expand repatriation consultation practices to allow broader, long-term tribal advisement on museum collection management and policies
Karen Sonik2016The corruptibility and decomposition of divine matter in Mesopotamia
Jan Sokol2008-09"Religion, Ethics, and Human Rights"
C. John Sommerville1996-97"A General Definition of Religion or the Religious"
Denise Spellberg1989-90"Sanctity and Sexuality: The Dispute Over the Most Exalted Female Personage in Medieval Islam"
Rabindrabijay Sraman1959-60 
Tulasi Srinivas2002-03"In(Dia)logue: Hinduism, Hierarchy, Memory, and Social Change in a High Tech Indian City"
Sonja Stark-Wild1998-99"The Goddess Renuka: Her Mythology and Cult"
Stacey Steers2001-02Research for a new film based on werewolf myth and folklore in the history of the West
Robert Stevenson1974-75Historical change in scriptural interpretation; a comparative study of classical and contemporary commentaries on the Bhagavadgita
Michael Stone1988-89Semitics, Greek
Frederick Streng1973-74 
John Strong1993-94An interpretative study of relics in religious traditions, specifically Christian and Buddhist
 2001-02"Buddha: Relics and Relics in Buddhism"
 2008-09The Wonder Working Buddha
Guy Stroumsa1972-78 
Sarah Stroumsa1999-2000Philosophical schools in Medieval Judeo-Arabi
Koji Suga2007-08The relationship between religious symbolism and nationalism in modern society; also study of Shinto shrines
Sharon Suh1994-96Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
Lawrence E. Sullivan1986-87 
Martin Sullivan2003-04Evolution of the dialogue shaping the custodial role of museums in caring for objects and information considered sacred by Native American traditional religious leaders
K. Sundaram1998-99Vedanta and pluralism in twentieth-century America
K. R. Sundararajan1975-76 
Louise Sundararajan1975-76A study of the Chinese stories of karmic retribution in the Fa Yuan Chu Lin
Donald K. Swearer1980-81 
 2000-01"Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asia" and "Buddhist Social Ethics"
Aslam Syed1987-88"American Perceptions of Islam"
M. Aslam Syed2013-14Comparative project on how notions of history in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam shape followers’ attitudes and reactions
Jesse Szeto1993-94Effects of China's economic and political reforms (1978-93) on the Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang 
Jikido Takasaki1989-90Sanskrit
Ines Maria Talamantez1992-93"Religious Traditions of the Southwest" and "Introduction to Native American Religious Traditions"
Paola Tartakoff2000-01The changing role of the concept of vicarious redemption in medieval Judaism and Christianity
Carolyn E. Tate2001-02Expressions of worldview and religious practices among the preliterate Olmec (1200-400 bc, or Middle Formative)
John Taylor1971-72 
Patricia Taylor1992-93Developing a curriculum for teaching religion in public schools
Richard W. Taylor1960-61 
Barbara Tedlock1998-99"The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine"
Katherine Tehranian1994-95"Dialogue of Civilizations: Problems and Prospects for Peace Among World Religions"
Majid Tehranian1994-95"Dialogue of Civilizations: Problems and Prospects for Peace Among World Religions"
Derin Terzioglu1995-96"Controversial Mystic and Political Dissident: Niyazi-I Misri (1618-1694): Religious and Political Expression in Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Empire"
Thandeka2005-06Schleiermacher and Kant; Unitarian Universalist Theology and culture; affective neuroscience and neurotheology; and race, gender, and class genealogies of the self
M. Thomas Thangaraj1982-83Toward a Tamil Christology: The Concept of Saiva Siddhanta as a Christological Model
Thich Giac Duc1982-83 
Ronald F. Thiemann2007-08Religious Leadership in Central European Democracies: Rethinking Collaboration and Resistance
Tulku Thondup1980-81History and religion of Tibetan Buddhism, in particular the Nying-mapa tradition
Robert Thurman1978-79Tibetan Buddhism
Bonnie Thurston1982-83 
Burton Thurston1982-83 
Michio Tokunaga1988-89Religion
Kevin Trainor1997-98Uses of the "Dhammapada"
Jeffrey Trumbower1997-98"Rescue for the Dead: The Posthumous Salvation of Non-Christians in Early Christianity"
Tsai Yen-Zen1991-92"Ching and Chuan: Towards Defining the Confucian Scriptures in Han China (206 bce-220 ce"
Tsou Mingteh1989-90History
Tomoaki Tsuchida1981-82"The Concept of 'Mind,' Buddhist and Confucian, in the Development of the Song School, with a Special Focus on Two Chinese Buddhist Sutras, 'Shoulengyanjing' and 'Yuanjuejing'"
Gary Tubb1990-91Sanskrit and Indian studies
Mary Evelyn Tucker1995-96Annotated translation of Kaibara Ekken's Record of Great Doubts
Edith Turner2001-02 Possible universals of religious healing
Raquel Ukeles2002-03"Ritual Law in Islam and Judaism"
Jan Van Bragt1994-95"Issues in Buddhist-Christian Dialogue"
Ivan Varga1997-98"Churches, Politics, and Culture in Post-Communist East-Central Europe"
Charlotte Vaudeville1979-80Indian studies
T. K. Venkateswaran1959-60 
Bernardino Verastique1987-88"An Old World Utopia in the New World: Vasco de Quiroga's Missionary Project Among the Tarascan Peoples of Michoacan Mexico, 1537-1565"
Velga Vevere1994-95"Comparative Method in the Phenomenology of Religions"
Nargis Virani1997-98"The Arabic and Macaronic Poetry of Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi: A Literary Analysis"
Sunthar Visuvalingam1991-92The eleventh-century Saiva theologian and aesthetician Abhinavagupta; and transgressive sacrality in Sanskrit drama
Klaus von Stosch2009Methods and philosophical frameworks for comparative theology
H. M. Vroom1982-83 
Alan Wagner2000-03Doctrinal development of early Chinese Buddhism, especially the Chan tradition
Sabine Wagner2007-08Ratzinger's Mariology from an ecumenical and intercultural perspective
Jeanette Wakin1985-86 
Paul Waldau1996-97Comparative study of concerns for the environment and animals in five religious traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
Mariko Walter1997-98Buddhism in tenth-century ce Western Turkestan
Wan Sze-Kar1986-87 
Kuan-Hsi Wang2007-08"Research on the Unique 'Cross Phenomenon' in China's Legal Evolution: From the Perspective of Controversies in the Course of Enactment of China's Civil Code"
Wang Ming-ling1993-95The coronation ritual of Hindu kings in India and Nepal
Wang Zong-Yu2001-02History of early Daoism of the late Han dynasty
Manabu Watanabe1995-96The medieval hermit monk Saigyo (1118-1205 ce) of the late Heian period
Nili Wazana1999-2000Study of borders and territories and their religious significance in biblical and Ancient Near Eastern societies
Anna Wexler1993-94"The Ritual Artistry of a Vodun Flagmaker"
Frank Whaling1981-82History
Werner Wilbert1997-98The telluric, cultural, and value systems of the Warao
Duncan Williams1993-98"Re-presentations of Zen: Institutional and Ritual Dimensions of Soto Zen Buddhism in Edo Japan"
Gerald Williams2002-03"Religious Rights and Rhetoric: Foundations of and Implications for War and Chattel Slavery in Sudan"
Sao Htun Hmat Win1959-60 
Dietmar W. Winkler2012 
Ulrich Winkler2012 
Katherine Wood1993-94Ethnic and political identity of the Christian community of Old Delhi, in light of the ascending Hindu nationalist movement
James Woodruff1979-81 
Pablo Wright2000-01"Narratives of Time and Being: Postcolonial Views of Toba Cosmology, Religion, and History"
Wu Jiang2001-02"The Formation of a Chan Buddhist Denomination: The Early Huangbo (Obaku) School in Seventeenth-Century China"
Wu Yungui1988-89 
Donna Wulff1975-77"Drama as a Mode of Religious Realization: The Vidaghdamadhava of Rupa Gosvamin"
Auwalu Hamisu Yadudu1989-90Islamic law
Kumiko Yagi1991-93Modern Islamic thought in Egypt
Mehmet Yalcin1991-93The Divan of Kansu al-Gavri, Mamluk Sultan, 1501-1516
Mayfair Yang2003-04The social process of the modern state suppression of popular religion and ritual in rural southeast China
Yu Chun-Fang1980The Renewal of Buddhism in China: Chu-hung and the Late Ming Synthesis
Susan Zaeske2004-05"Appropriating Esther: Biblical Narrative as Rhetorical Invention"
Zhang Qiong1996-97"Gentle Battles Over the Soul: The Jesuit Approach to Confucianism in Early Modern China"
Dong Zhao2015-16The Reading of Christian Gospels through Chinese Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, which is also his research focus in the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School as a Visiting Scholar. 
Zhang Zhigang1998-99Philosophy
Zheng Yan1999-2000Philosophy
 Zhou Qin1998-99"Cosmic Order and Moral Autonomy: The Rise of Confucian Ethics in Axial Age China"
R. Tom Zuidema1992-93"The Religious Life of the Incas"