Past Affiliates N-R

Name Year Project Title or Area of Study
Eden Naby 1997-98 Assyrian religious remains in Northwest Iran
Hisako Nakamura 1981-82  
Mitsuo Nakamura 1981-82 German literature
Ronald Nakasone 1986-87 Philosophy
Vasudha Narayanan 1975-77 "Study of the Hindu poet-saint Nammalvar's poem 'The Sacred Utterance'"
Laura Nasrallah 2006-07 "From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike: A Conference in Religion and Archaeology"
Jan Nattier 1979-80 Comparative religion
Walter Neevel 1982-83  
Christianna Nelson 1994-95 "Working Within: Exploring the Lives of Mormon Women"
William Newell 1969-70  
Deena Newman 1996-97 "Tests In Ethiopia: Christian Ascetics on the Virtue of Hardship"
Ng Zhiru 2003-04 The role of visual practices in the revival of Buddhism in contemporary Taiwan
Cuong Nguyen 1983-84 A study of the thought of the Yogacara Buddhist philosopher Sthiramati
Basia Nikiforova 1997-98 "Religious and National Tolerance in Lithuania: The Case of Lithuanian Jews in the Twentieth Century"
Ning Qiang 1994-97 "Internationality, Nationality, and Localization of Chinese Buddhist Art: Cave 285 of Dunhuang"
Jonathan Nkhoma 2007-08 How literary-critical theories inform our understanding of the Gospel text
Kesaya Noda 1991-92  
Nobuo Nomura 1986-87 Shin Buddhism
Patricia Novick 2003-04 Designing a model workshop for self-care among members of the clergy and other caregivers
Pashington Obeng 1992-93 The West African religious traditions of Ghanaian, Nigerian, Ivorian, and Camerounian ethnic groups who have immigrated to Massachusetts
Gananath Obeyesekere 2005-06 "Female Ascetics in Sri Lanka and Medieval Europe"
Ranjini Obeyesekere 2005-06 Interpretation and translation of the Yasodaravata (Yasodara's Lament), a medieval Sinhala text on the wife of Siddhartha Gautama
Joseph O'Connell 1964-65  
Mercy Amba Oduyoye 1985-86  
Essien Offiong 2003-04 The status of youth and women in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements in Nigeria
Young-bong Oh 1974-75 Political science
Jae-Shik Oh 1981-82 Religion
Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney 1993-94 "The Power of Absence, the Power of Presence: The Eyes, Gaze, and Non-Gaze in Japanese Culture"
Matthews Ojo 2001-02 "Divergent Poles: Globalization and Indigenization Within the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements in Contemporary Nigeria"
Manuel Duarte de Oliveira 1993-94 Jewish/Christian encounters
Ryan Oliver 1997-98 "The Search for Fulfillment on the Edge of Modernity: An Explanation of Intentional Life in a Contemporary American Religious Community"
Thomas Oller 1999-2000 An analysis of the relationship between Shamanism and Buddhism in contemporary Mongolia
Jacob Olupona 2007-08 "Sacred Knowledge, Sacred Power and Performance: Ifa Divination in West Africa and the African Diaspora"
  1993-94 "Sacred Cosmos: Myths, Rituals, Kingship, and Meaning in the Yoruba City of Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria"
Atalia Omer 2002-04 Comparative examination of sociopolitical dimensions or radical movements in the contemporary world system of nation-states and in ethno-religious conflicts
Thomas Osborne 1979-80  
Willard Oxtoby 1965-66 Philosophy
Adil Ozedemir 1985-86  
Ibrahim Ozdemir 1985-86  
Bathula Padma 1994-95 "Origins and Transformations of Goddess Cults in Andhra Pradesh"
Scott Randall Paine 2013-14 Convergences and divergences between Indian and Western religious traditions as an approach to mutual engagement and understanding
Mihindusena Palihawadana 1972-73 Sanskrit
Raimon Panikkar 1967-71 Comparative philosophy of religion
Jerry Pankhurst 1997-98 "Russian Religio-Political Culture and the Problems of Societal Transition: Reasserting Religious Monopoly or Strengthening Tolerance for Religious Diversity?"
Graham Parkes 1995-96 The role of religions in a variety of contemporary cultural crises, focusing upon the relation of human culture to the natural environment
Giovanna Parmigiani, Senior Fellow 2019-2020 Earth-based religions, and, in particular, on a neo-pagan group (the cerchio) based in the Salento area of Italy
Giovanna Parmigiani, Senior Fellow 2020-21 Feminism, Violence and Representation in Modern Italy: ‘We Are Witnesses, Not Victims’ (Indiana University Press, 2019
Parimal G. Patil  2005-06 "Towards An Intellectual History of Religion in Southern Asia: Kashmir at the End of the First Millennium, 800-1100"
Galia Pat-Shamir 1992-94 A translation of Chou Tuni's T'ung shu
Paulina Peng-Wilford 1993-94 Philosophy
Derek Penslar 2006-07 Jewish attitudes towards warfare in Modern times
Rachael Petersen 2020-21 The unspoken theologies and theories at play in modern psychedelic clinical research and excavating the potential risks, rewards, and implications of medicalizing “mystical” experiences.
Indira Peterson 1989-90 Indian and comparative literature
Jakob Petuchowski 1984-85  
Marilene Phipps 1999-2000 Living altars of Haiti
Katharine Poggendorf-Kakar 2001-02 The impact of processes of change on the religious life of middle-class Hindu women in India
Beate Pongratz-Leisten 2003-04 "The Temple as 'ThirdSpace': The Concept of Order and Purity in Mesopotamia"
Barbara Potrata 2002-03 Ethnographic work among Slovenian New Age practitioners and healers
Joseph Prabhu 1993-94 "Hegel and the Dark Faces of Modernity"
Rajesh Pradhan 2010-11 The role of sadhus in politics in India
Melissa Proctor 2008-09 "Equality, Agency, and Moral Identity: Boundary Negotiation and American Women"
Patrick Provost-Smith  2005-06 "Journal of World Christianity: A Planning Conference"
Sunanda Putuwar 1983-84 Philosophy
Qin Wen-jie 1993-95 The historical development of Chinese Buddhism
Emran Qureshi  2004-06 "The Political Theology of al-Qaeda and Related Militant Networks"
Olle Qvarnstrom 1990-91 Religion and dogmatics
Yehia Raef 1984-85  
Habibeh Rahim 1979-80  
Konrad Raiser 2005-06 "The World Council of Churches and Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation"
Phra Rajavaramuni 1980-81 Pali language
Adam Rambert 1999-2000 Lourdes's miraculous healings
Ajay Rao 2005-06 "Stories of Surrender: Interpreting the Ramayana in the Srivaisnava Community, 1250-1600"
Chilkuri Vasantha Rao 2009 Christian-Hindu Interaction in Some South Indian Villages
K. L. Seshagiri Rao 1966-67  
Lisa Raphals 1998  
Ada Rapoport-Albert 1984-85 "Femininity: Divine, Human, and Demonic in the Jewish Mystical Tradition"
M. Salman Raschid 1981-82 History and philosophy of science
Shaireen Rasheed 2015 Sexuality, Islam and the War on Terror
Sara Rasmussen 1975-76  
Aviezer Ravitzky 1992-93 "Medieval and Modern Jewish Thought"
Sohini Ray 2000-01 "The Body-Cult in Sanamahism: A Case of the Revival of an Indigenous Religion Among the Meiteis in Manipur"
Uzi Rebhun 1997-98 "Interfaith Marriage, Group Identity and the Future of America's Religious Composition"
A. Kevin Reinhart 1981-83 Arabic and Middle Eastern studies
  2004-05 Purity and ritual in Islam
Ren Yuan 1983-84   
Holly Baker Reynolds 1987-88  
Diana Riboli 2002-03 Shamanism and the role of trance among the Chepang of Central Southern Nepal
Paula Richman 2011  
Michael Rindner 2006-08 "The Evolution of Religious Nationalism in Pakistan: Islamic Identity, Ideology, and the State"
  2003-04 South Asia
Justin Ritzinger 2003-07 Taixu's modernizing movement and Chinese Buddhism of the late Qing and Republican periods
Petra Rivera 2002-03 "Images of Female Orichas in Cuban Popular Culture"
Damon Roberts 1992-93 A sociological autobiography illuminating the differences in the religious settings of Guyana and the United States
Joseph Roccasalvo 1972-78 "The Anatta Doctrine: A Textual and Contextual Interpretation"
Minor Rogers 1985-86  
Guy Rogers 2000-01 Mystery cults in the Greco-Roman world
Reka Rohonyi 1995-96 "The Dhammakaya Movement"
Holmes Rolston 1974-75 Study of Augustine, al-Ghazzali, Sankara, and Nagarjuna
Emily M. Rose 2018-19 Enacted Identity in Christian Pedagogy and Daily Life
Kenneth Rose 1985-86  
Jane Rubio 1997-98 "The Religious Response to Modernization: The Cult of Maira Lionza and Pentecostalism in Venezuela"
Loyal Rue 1997-98 Religion, the social emotions, and the renewal of public life
George Rupp 1973-77  
Elisha Russ-Fishbane 2005-06 "Jewish-Sufism in the Middle Ages"
Bartholomew Ryan 1998-99 "Islam and the Politics of Identity: Religion, Tradition, and Modernity"
Patrick Ryan 1974-75 English, Classics