Past Affiliates I-M

Name Year Project
Moshe Idel 1991-92 "Devequt: Jewish Views on Union and Communion"
Andrew Olu Igenoza 2008 Biblical Studies and African Christian Theology
Yasuke Ikari 1989-90  
Emefie Ikenga-Metuh 1983-84  
Oded Irshai 1998-99  
Hirotsugu Ishii 1990-91  
Raphael Israeli 1984-85 Arabic and History
Michael D. Jackson 2008-09 Navigating the Past: Firstness and Secondness as Antipodean Tropes
  2005-06 "Maori and Biotechnology: The Logic of Belief and the Theory of Practice"
William Jackson 1975-84 "Tyagaraja: Musician Saint of South India—The Exploration of a Religious Life and Legacy"
Andrew Jacobs, Senior Fellow 2019-2020 Gospel Thrillers: The Bible and Conspiracy in U.S. Popular Culture and Ex-Jews: Conversion in Late Antiquity
Andrew Jacobs, Senior Fellow 2020-21 Gospel Thrillers: The Bible and Conspiracy in U.S. Popular Culture and Ex-Jews: Conversion in Late Antiquity
Louis Jacobs 1985-86  
Devaki Jain 1983-84  
Jyotindra Jain 1988-89 Ancient Indian culture, cultural anthropology 
Lakshmi Jain 1983-84  
Thomas Jayawardene 1983-84  
Hae-ju Jeon 1996-97 "'Practice of Self-power' and 'Faith of Other-power' in Mahayana Buddhism"
Darin Jewell 1995-96 Do world religions focus on the same ultimate reality?
Angma Jhala 2010-11 Royal patronage, power, and aesthetics in princely India across several religious traditions
Jia Jinhua 2005-06 "New Perspectives in 'Classical' Chan Buddhism" and "Taoist Priestesses in Medieval China: Roles, Images, and Identity"
Jiang Zhongxin 1988-89 Indology
Robert Johansen 1992-93 "Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence: Case Studies of Religious Constraint and Empowerment" 
Motilal Jotwani 1979-80  
Mari Jyvasjarvi 2004-05 "Hindu Female Ascetics in North India"
Yuichi Kajiyama 1985-86  
Sudhir Kakar 2001-02 The mythology and legends of spiritual healing connected with saints in the Christian, Sufi, and Hindu traditions
Puneeta Kala 1997-2000 Comparative study of new religions of Japan and India with special emphasis on the phenomena of the Living God 
Thupten Kalsang 1981-82  
Michael Kalton 1981-82  
Ogbu Kalu 1998-99 "Continuity in Change: Pentecostalism in African Maps of the Universe" 
Steve Kaplan 1989-90 Jewish studies
  1996-97 The Eucharist in medieval Ethiopia
Ravinder Lal Kapur 1985-86  
Sudarshan Kapur 1986-87 Economics; International Relations 
Anwarul Karim 1984-85 "Sufism in Bangladesh: A Study of the Bauls"
Karim H. Karim 2004-05 "Islamic Reform in Diaspora: A Study of the Responses to the Emergence of Muslim Scholarship"
W.S. Karunatillake 1997-98 The Theravada Buddhist tradition and its history in Sri Lanka 
Ruth Katz 1980-81  
Steven Katz 1982-83 Hebraic Studies, Philosophy
  2006-07 Research for Volume 2, "The Holocaust in Context"
Satsuki Kawano 1998-99 Gender and ritual in Japan
Hee-Sung Keel 1973-74   
Charles Keyes 1984-85  
Satnam Khalsa 1992-93 The functional parallels between Sufi and Sikh mystics
Abrahim Khan 1996-97 "Becoming a Self in Kierkegaard and Iqbal"
Beverly Kienzle 2008-09 Contemporary Responses to Battering: A Comparative Religious Perspective
Solomon Kiffle 2008-09 Religious Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations as Peacemakers: Challenges and Potentialities
Abdulrazaq Kilani 2003-04 The practice of prayer healing and exorcism for victims of demonic possession among the Muslims of Nigeria
Chongsuh Kim 1988-89 Religion
Heup Young Kim 1997-98 "Jesus the Tao: An East Asian Christology" 
Soo Kim 1981-82  
Sung-Hae Kim 1979-81  
  1995-96 "The History of Chinese Religion From the Oracle Bones to the Han Period"
Wan-Doo Kim 2000-01 "Full Awareness of Breathing: A Study of the Literary Sources of Anapanasati Meditation and its Contemporary Revival" 
Young-ho Kim 1999-2000 "Complementary Pluralism: Toward Buddhist-Christian Dialogue"
Charles Kimball 1981-82  
Toshiaki Kimura 2006-07 Religion, Identity and the Image of ‘The Other’
Paul Kjellberg 1997-98 "A History of Chinese Skepticism: Zhuangzi and His Interpreters" 
Anne Klein 1983-84  
Hans Klimkeit 1965-66  
Heino Kottkamp 1992-93 An investigation of the historical development of the mandala, its content, and its iconography
Firoze Kotwal 1979-80 Avesta-Pahlavi
Pratap Kumar 1990-91 Theology
Whalen Lai 1973-74 "The Awakening of Faith in Mahayana: A Study of the Unfolding of Sinitic Motifs" 
James Laine 1981-82 History
Lance Laird 1991-93 Dimensions of the "dialogue of life" in contemporary Christian and Muslim communities
Miriam J. Udel Lambert 1996-97 Medieval Sephardic Jewish literature
Kimerer LaMothe 1994-95 "Out from the Shadow of the Word: Dance and Theology in Works by Gerardus van der Leeuw, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Martha Graham" 
  2003-04 "Dancing Religion: Martha Graham in Practice and Performance"
Tamara Lanaghan 1996-2000 Comparative study of the ethical systems of classical Hinduism and Judaism
Spencer Lavan 1967-68 English
Marcus Lehman 2000-01 Sacred geography in rural Copan, Honduras 
Sid Leiman 1993-94  "Jewish Responses to Heresy to Heresy in the Early Modern Period' and "The Dead Sea Scrolls"
Sonia Lemnios 1998-99 Historical memory in India and Israel 
I. Julia Leslie 1987-88  
Rebecca Lesses 1993-94 "Mysticism and Magic: The Hekhalot Literature, Jewish Adjurations, and Greek Revelatory Magic"
Miriam Levering 1986-87  "Ch'an Enlightenment for Laymen: Ta-hui and the New Religious Culture of the SUng:
Jerome Levi 1992-93 The Christian origins of the pagan Tarahumara
Lee Levine 2006 Jewish Art and Society in Late Antiquity
Sarah Levine 1992-93 The social and cultural history reflected in illuminated religious marriage contracts (ketubahs) in the Jewish tradition
Molly Taylor Lhamon 1960-61  
Yehuda Liebes 1981-82 Hebrew language and Jewish thought 
Samuel Lieu Spring 2019 The Onomastic and Topographical History of the Thracian Chersonese (Gallipoli Peninsula).
Samuel N.C. Lieu 2020-21 The Onomastic and Topographical History of the Thracian Chersonese (Gallipoli Peninsula).
Liu Xiaogan 1989-90 Chinese language and literature
Liu Ying 1999-2000 "The Truth behind the Magic: Understanding the Chinese Meditation and Martial Art Qigong" 
Katerina Livljanic 2002-03 Creation and research for the music performance "Chant Wars," a representation of the 9th-century confrontation between the Carolingians and the various regional chant traditions they sought to replace
Long Darui 1996-97 The Chinese Buddhist reformer Tai Xu
Ana Cristina Lopes Nina 2008-09 The creation of cosmology related to Dalai Lamas in Tibetan Buddhism
Aloysius Lugira 1977-78 "The Religious Factor in Uganda" 
Emily Lyle 1994-95 Comparative study of New World cosmological material and Old World cosmology
Ma Xiao Hong 1989-90  
Allan Maca 1998-99 "Cosmology, Lived Space, and the Civic-ceremonial Body: The Role of Ritual and Architecture in the Urban Planning of a Late Classic Maya Center" 
  1999-2000 "Cornering Group 9J-5: Maya Concepts of Lived Space in the Urban Planning of Late Classic Copan, Honduras (A.D. 600-900)" 
Soho Machida 1985-86  
Triloki Madan 1984-85  
Daniel Madigan 1992-93 The early history and self-understanding of the Qur'an
Hiromi Maeda 1995-97 The role of Neo-Confucianism in Japanese culture during the Tokugawa period
Noerhadi Magetsari 1980-81 Archaeology
Jane Magon 1999-2000 Australian and international twentieth-century art in relation to spiritual, and ecological art 
Victor Mair 1977-80  
Hans Malmström 2015-16 Conducted a study with the aim of establishing a tentative linguistic/rhetorical model of Christian preaching as interreligious practice, of the sermon as a potential locus for interreligious dialogue.
Gurinder Singh Mann 1985-86 English
Maheswari Manonmanie   1980-81
Carlos A. Manrique Spring 2019 "Religious Practices, State Techniques, and Conflicted Forms of Violence in Colombia’s Peace-building Scenarios"
Sylvia Marcos 1984-85 "Rethinking Curing: An Approach to Mexican Popular Religiosity Through Feminine Images" 
Frederique Marglin 1979-80  
Desiree Renee Martinez 2002-03 "Collaborating to Protect the Past," an examination of the relationship between Native Americans, archaeologists, and government officials when dealing with cultural resources
Bimal Matilal 1987-88  
Jennine Mazzarelli 2001-02 Changing trends in female Buddhist monasticism in contemporary Japan
Peter McCormick 1992-93 Transformations of Enlightenment portrayals of disinterested actions in the poetic representations of intention, belief, and desire in the European modernist lyric
Justin McDaniel 1997-98 Buddhism
Rachel Fell McDermott 1986-87 The Goddess Kali and the Genre of 18th- to 20th-Century Bhakti Poetry About Kali
  1993-94 "Hindu Goddesses" and "Perspectives on Evil and Suffering in World Religions"
Mary McGee 1986-87 Examination of Hindu vratas (vows), the voluntary rituals undertaken especially by Hindu women 
Dale McKirgan 1974-75?  
John McRae 1986-87


Bronwen Catherine McShea 2013 Apostles of Empire: The Jesuits of New France
Nejiba Megademini 1981-84  
Tejas Mehta 2005-06 Theravada Buddhism
Paul Mendes-Flohr 1980-81 History and philosophy
Fatima Mernissi 1981-82  
Gisela Mettele 1999-2000 "The Construction of the Religious Self-Narratives of Lives in the 18th- and 19th-Century Moravian Movement"
Blake Michael 1978-79 Sociology
David Miller 1967-68  
Patrick Miller 1985-86  
Roland Miller 1975-76  
Hitoshi Miyake 1974-75  
Yoshinobu Miyake 1984-85  
Mahnaz Moazami 1997-98 Ancient Iranian purity laws in the Zoroastrian scripture, the Avesta
Evgenia Moiseeva 2016-17 Maniachean attitudes toward the Book of Genesis.
Anne Monius 1991-92 South Indian Tamil poetic tradition of the "Five Great Poems"
Diane Moore 2004-06 The Harvard Divinity School Study on Teaching About Religion in the Schools (H-STARS)
Roberta Moretti 2000-01 "The Phantasmic Pneuma"
Adebayo Mosobalaje 2013-14 "Poetics of Yoruba Masculinities"
Michael Motia 2018-19 “The Mimetic Life: Imitation and Infinity in Gregory of Nyssa”
Roberto Motta 1996-97 The growth and development of different religious groups in Latin America and Brazil
Mehdi Mozaffari 1999-2000 "Islamic Civilization or Civilized Islam"
Susanne Mrozik 1991-93 Community expression of religious ideals of Indian Buddhists in the early Mahayana period
Fathullah Mujtaba'i 1976-77?  
Regan Murphy 2005-07 Japanese Religions
Judson Murray 1996-97 Buddhism