Past Affiliates D-H

Marthinus Daneel1995-96The role of African traditional religion in changing societies in Southern Africa; the role of religion in Zimbabwe
William Darrow1986-87 
Veena Das1982-83 
R. K. Das1982-83 
Anne Davenport1999-2000Science and the contemplative self
Adina Davidovich1984-85"Religion as a Province of Meaning: The Kantian Foundations of Modern Theology"
Donald Dawe1968-69"The Cosmic Identity of Man in Hinduism and Christianity"
Lily de Silva1978-79 
Hent De Vries1997-98"The Transformation of the Public Sphere: Religion, Multiculturalism, and the Media"
William Deal1980-84"The Lotus Sutra in Japanese Culture: A Study of Japanese Responses to Buddhist Symbols"
Max Deeg2010-11Translation of Xuanzang's Xiyu-ji and the Nestorian stele, and research on early Chinese reports of Nepal
Mahinda Deegalle2008War in Buddhism in South Asia and the role of Buddhist monks in the Sri Lankan peace process
Lydia Nakashima Degarrod1997-98"Dreaming Beauty and Subverting Power: The Operation of the Sacred and Aesthetic in Mapuche Dream Narratives"
Carol Delaney1985-87CSWR assistant director
 1992-93"Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth"
Karen Derris1994-96The social history of Buddhism in India and Tibet
Alexander DesForges1991-92The interaction between religious Taoism and the Chinese state
Madhav Deshpande1983-84 
Robert Desjarlais2010-11Yolmo Buddhist experiences and understandings of dying, death, and mourning
Eliot Deutsch1985-86Comparative studies in philosophical anthropology
Luca Diotavelli1998-99"The Territorial Articulation of Secularization: Social Modernization, Religious Modernization of Italy"
Dong Xiaoyang1991-92The revival of religions in the Soviet Union during the reform period
Marie-Christine Doran2008-09A Comparative Study of the Impacts of Human Rights Movements on the Democracies of Latin America: Politics, Religion, Ethics
Andreas D'Souza1993-94The concept of revelation in the thought of four Indian Muslim leaders
Duan Yuming1995-96A study of religious built space as a way of illuminating the relationship between religion and culture in China
Carol Duncan2006-07Caribbean Religion and Religion and Society
David Duncavage1993-94Christian and Buddhist dialogue, especially the experience of self in the community
Christopher Duraisingh1975-78The significance of Ramanuja and Hartshorne for an Indian-Christian theology
Diana Eck1975-76"Banaras, City of Light: The Sacred Places and Praises of Kasi"
 2007-08"Teaching Pluralism: Case Studies for the Theological and Religious Studies Classroom"
David Eckel1975-76"The Development of Early Madhyamaka Philosophy: A Study of the Commentaries by Buddhapalita and Bhavaviveka on Nagarjuna's Madhyamakakarikas"
Rohan Edrisinha2004-05" 'Unethical Religious Conversions': The Sri Lankan Judiciary and Religious Freedom"
Marc Ellis1994-95"Never Again: Fifty Years of Holocaust Interpretations, 1943-1993" 
Sarah Ellis1998-99How pastors from the Orthodox Church in Russia perceive non-Orthodox Christian churches
Erik Erikson1986-87 
Joan Erikson1986-87 
Carl Ernst1980-81"Paradoxes of Faith and Infidelity in Sufism"
Farid Esack2006-08Qur'anic Studies, especially Islam and AIDS
Aziz Esmail1982-83English literature
Immanuel Etkes1994-95History of early Hasidism
Renaud Fabbri2014-15Eric Voegelin and the 'East': Philosophy of Consciousness and New Religious Politics
Vittorio Falsina1998-99 
Ward Fellows1981-82 
Francisco Javier Fernandez Vallina2012 
Deborah Finkel1995-96"The Battle Over Bones: Conflict Between Archaeologists and Religious Jews in Israel"
Michael Fishbane1986-87 
Alan Fishkin1976-77 
Aryei Fishman1990-91Jewish thought and sociology
James Fitzsimmons2001-02Linguistic and textual studies of Classic Maya (ad 250-850) mortuary ritual
Ezra Fleischer1986-87 
Seth Fleisher1999-2000Study of dynamics of medieval literary culture at the cusp of classical and vernacular literary traditions in South and Southeast Asia
Kendall Folkert1979-82"Scripture and Continuity in the Jaina Tradition"
Michael Fonner1991-93The relationship between Theravada Buddhism and Christian theology 
Antonino Forte2004-05"Divakara and Buddhapalita and Their Contributions to Chinese Buddhism"
Richard Frasca2000-01"The Dicegame and the Disrobing (Pakata Tuyil): Translation, Textual Analysis, and Ritual Commentary"
Marla Frederick2008-09Redemption: Media and Social Change in the African Diaspora
Sean Freyne2007-08Galilee in Hellenistic and Roman Times
Eva Jane Fridman2000-01"A Re-evaluation of Shamanic Practices in the Post-Communist Period in Russia and Mongolia"
Robert Fulcher1971-72 
Isaiah Gafni1991-92Jewish attitudes toward the phenomenon of diaspora in late antiquity
 1998-99Diaspora, "Galut," and "Land Theology"
Shanmugam Gangadaran1985-86 
Richard Gardner1993-94"Buddhism and the Performing Arts in Japan"
 1996-97"The Response to Aum Shinrikyo"
Enrica Garzilli1992-93Indian and comparative mythology and the study of Kasmiri Saiva and other Indian rituals 
Ivan Gaskell2003-04Humans' complex and varied relationships with, and uses of, sacred objects and sites
Rela Geffen1999-2000"The American Jewish Family: Institution in Transition and the Conservative Movement: Facing the New Century"
Kambiz GhaneaBassiri1995-98The role of religion in human history, the emergence of religious sects, and the formation of religious identity, focusing on Islam
Abidullah Ghazi1972-73 
Avner Giladi2003-04The social history of midwifery in medieval Muslim societies
Michelle Gilbert2002-03Kingship, power, and religion in the ethnically diverse kingdom of Akuapem in southern Ghana
Cheryl A. Giles2007-08Medical Ethics in Pastoral Care
Maris Gillette1991-93The religious beliefs and practices of ethnic Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, in northwestern China 
Luis Girón Negrón1992-95The history of religions in Medieval and Renaissance Spain (Islam, Judaism, Christianity), and comparative mysticism 
Ariel Glucklich1980-81 
Emily Goldblatt1995-96Photographic exhibition of Jewish and Muslim culture in Turkestan during the expansion of the Russian Empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 
Judah Goldin1983-84Social Science
Elon Goldstein2004-05South Asian Buddhism
Miriam Goldstein1998-99Saadiah Gaon's Arabic translation of the Bible: Muslim influences on it and its influence on 14th and 15th century Spanish Bible translations
Mary-Jo Delveccio Good1991-92"Culture, Person, and Healing in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies"
Olga V. Gorshunova2002-03Female shamanic ritual and the traces of ancient religions and beliefs among the contemporary peoples of Central Asia
Robert Goss1982-83 
Shrivatsa Goswami1977-78 
John Goulde1980-81Philosophy and religion
Dennis Graham1978-79 
William A. Graham1970-71"Divine Word and Prophetic: The Early Muslim Understanding of Revelation"
Charles Graves1990-91 
John Grim1995-96Native North American spirituality
Avraham Grossman1984-85Jewish history
Javier Guerrero2002-03The museum partnership project of the Religion and the Arts Initiative
Jan Gunneweg1995-96Theology
David Guss1993-94"Traditionalizing the Traditional: Festival and Politics in Venezuela"
Janet Gyatso1996-97Women in Tibetan Buddhism
Sven Haakanson, Jr.2002-03The museum partnership project of the Religion and the Arts Initiative
Volker Haarmann2004-05" 'Righteous Gentiles' in the Hebrew Bible"
Rosalind Hackett2000-01


Media, religion, and conflict in Africa


William C. Hackett2016Gnosis in Roman Catholicism and Hinduism
Ghassan Hage2007"Political Emotions and the Religious Imagination"
Katherine Hagedorn2005-06"Theology of Sound"
Mahdi Ha'iri1964-65 
Edward Hale1979-80Philosophy
Leor Halevi1999-2000"Social Hierarchy in a Mediterranean City and a Red Sea Port under Islamic Rule, 1050-1200"
Katherine Cannon Haley2001-02Religion and healing: impact of physician assessment of patients' religiosity and integration into their medical care
Charles Hallisey2008-09Buddhist Resources for Womanist Reflection
Jeffrey Hamburger2003-04The art of female monasticism in the Holy Roman Empire
Denise Hanusek1989-92Comparison of the mystical theologies of St. John of the Cross and Ramanuja
Paul Harrison1969-71 
Ronne Hartfield2001-02Interface between cultural context, visual symbolic structures, and the individual and communal encounter with the sacred
Makoto Haruda1970-71 
Kazi Hasan1994-95 
Daisaburo Hashizume2013-14The life and work of Motoori Norinaga
Riffat Hassan1986-87 
Brian Hatcher1991-92"Yatna-dharma: The Religious Worldview of Pandit Isvaracandra Vidyasagar" 
John Hawley1976-77"Krishna, the Butter Thief"
Eldon Hay1969-70 
Victor Hayes1982-83 
Deborah Haynes1994-95"The Vocation of the Artist"
Anton Heinen1973-74 
David Hempton2008-09A New Global History of Christianity
Gloria Maité Hernández2015-16Worked on the manuscript Tasting God, a literary and theological comparison between John of the Cross’s Cántico espiritual and the Sanskrit text Rāsa Līlā (The Dance of Divine Love).
Nimachia Hernandez2002-03Flux and Balance: An Approach to Understanding Native American Religious and Philosophical Differences
Zoe Mendell Hersov1985-86 
Linda Hess1985-86 
Thomas V. Hill2002-03The museum partnership project of the Religion and the Arts Initiative
Duncan Hilton2001-02Growth of religion in post-1991 Mongolia, comparing Christianity and Buddhism
Norbert Hintersteiner2011/2015-201617th century Indo-Persian theological writings, focusing on Jesuit Jerome Xavier's cross-cultural and interreligious engagement with Mughal India and Safavid Persia through his Āyena-ye ḥaqq-namā.
Dennis Hirota2012 
 2008Pure Land Buddhist thought of Shinran (1173-1263)
 1992-93"Comparative Perspectives on Shinran's View of Language"
Alan Hodder1985-86"Emerson's Rhetoric of Revelation: Nature, the Reader, and the Apocalypse Within"
Hong Zaixin1998-99"The Daoist Concept of Body and Face: Fourteen Portraits of the Daoist Master in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts"
Steven Hopkins1992-93"Praise-poems of Vedantadesika"  
Genichi Victor Sogen Hori1991-92Zen Buddhism 
Rivka Horwitz1982-83Jewish philosophy and mysticism
Clifford Hospital1970-71 
Shakeel Hossain1997-98"Unity of Being: Beliefs, Rituals, Art and Architecture of the Indian Muslim Populace"
C. Julia Huang2001-02Ethnographic findings on gender and ethnicity in a transnational Taiwanese Buddhist movement, the Compassionate-Relief Merit Society (Ciji Gongde Hui)
Huang Yong1993-94Comparative religion and hermeneutics
Dennis Hudson1969-70History
Manuel Hurtado2015-2016Methods of Comparative Theology with special attention as to how these methods may provide the best road map for comparative or interreligious and intercultural theology, especially as it is lived in some parts of Europe and Latin America. 
Susan Hyatt1993-94Vedic ritual texts of the Katha Yajur Veda