Past Affiliates A-C

Name Year Project
Tzvi Abusch 2001-02 The healing "message" in the anti-witchcraft literature of Babylonia and Assyria
Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf 2003-05 Policy recommendations for improving the experience of war-displaced women in Sudan
Monni Adams 2002-03 Ritual and religious practice in the forest zone of West Africa 
Afeosemime Adogame 2003-04 African migrant churches in the United States
Akbar Ahmed 1983-84 Islam and Pakistan
Shahab Ahmed 2007-08 "Curriculum, Canon, and Interpretive Authority in the Madrasahs of Pakistan"
Ashok Ahuja 1995-96 The relationship between film and the soteriology of narrative
Bachtiar Alam 1994-95 "Religious Processes and Agricultural Development in Okinawa"
(Mary) Jacqui Alexander 2000-01 "Nobody Knows My Name: The Struggle Over Memory and Spiritual Practice in Nineteenth-Century Trinidad"
Yousef Sami Al-Herimi 1995-96  
Azizah Al-Hibri 1985-86  
Mujahid Al-Sawwaf 1976-77  
Mordechai Altshuler 2000-01 Jewish religious life in the Soviet Union, 1944-64
Sekandar Amanolahi 1988-89  
Devadarshan Ambalavanar 1994-96 The relationship between Tamil Christianity and Tamil culture
Barbara Ambros 1995-97 Pilgrimage during the Heian period in Japan and the role of gender in the study of pilgrimage
Elizabeth Amoah 1989-90 Women and the spiritual churches in Ghana
Sarath Amunugama 1989-90  
Rachel Angogo 1981-82 Linguistics
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona 1996-97 The interconnection between religion and art in the work of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Mircea Eliade, and Daisetz T. Suzuki
Arjun Appadurai 1975-76  
Carol Appadurai 1975-76  
Paula Arai 1986-87  
Philip Arnold 2002-03 The mistaken connection between wampum and money in U.S. history
R. Andrew Arthur 1993-94 The phenomena of religious trance states
Maheswari Arulchelvam 1980-81 Comparative philosophy, Hinduism
Johnson Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu 2003-04 The new religions of Ghana and the continuing relevance of health, wealth, and personal well-being in African religiosity
Barakatullo Ashurov 2020-21 “Studies on Sogdian body-part words”; “Politeness and Impoliteness in Sogdian language"
Irit Averbuch 1978-83 Comparative religion, Japanese religion, Japanese folk religion
  1987-90 "Yamabushi Kagura: A Study of Traditional Ritual Dance in Contemporary Japan"
Vincent Avery 1982-83  
Eyal Aviv 2004-05 "Neither Religion nor Philosophy: The Role of Mind-Only Thought in the Formation of Modern Chinese Buddhism"
Joseph Awolalu 1973-74  
P. D. Ayres 1986-87  
Mahmoud Ayoub 1974-75 "Dimmah in Qur'an and Hadith: A Study of Meaning"
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo 1996-97 "The Power of the Machis: The Rise of Female Shaman/Healers and Priestesses Among the Chilean Mapuche"
Ali Badr-El-Din 1988-90  Crime and punishment in Islam
Kuk-Won Bae 1988-89 "Hermeneutics of Faith: A Critical Understanding of Homo Fidelis of Wilfred Cantwell Smith and its Implication for the Future Study of Religion"
Benjamin Bagby 2002-03 Creation and research for the music performance "Chant Wars," a representation of the 9th-century confrontation between the Carolingians and the various regional chant traditions they sought to replace
Matthew Bagger 2001-02 Uses of paradox and contradiction in religious discourses
Victor Balaban 1999-2000 "Contemporary Apocalyptic Movements: An Interdisciplinary Study"
Bao Weimin 2000-01 "Family Ancestor in the Making of Regional Deity: Hu Gong Cult in Chinese Popular Religion"
Kahar Barat 1995-96 Translation of the "Uygur Xuanzang Biography" (688 ce), perhaps the largest Buddhist text translated from ancient Chinese into a Western alphabetic language, Uygar Turkic 
Meir Bar-Ilan 1988-89  
Julie Michelle Barker 1995-96  
Avriel Bar-Levav 1997-98 "Patterns for Comprehending Jewish Attitudes Towards Death"
Fredrik Barth 1996-97 Social anthropology
Jean-Claude Basset 1983-84 Interreligious dialogue
Misty Bastian 1998-99 "Vultures of the Marketplace: The Ogu Ununwaanyi (Woman's War) of 1929 in Southeastern Nigeria"
Mikael Bauer 2004-09 Chinese and Japanese medieval Buddhism
Bettina Baumer 1993-94 Philosophy and theology
Dianne Bazell 1981-85  
Moshe Benovitz 2006-07 Talmud and Rabbinic Literature
Ehud Ben-Or 1986-91 "A Concept of Prayer"
Israel Ben-Yosef 1983-84  
Persis Berlekamp 2000-02 Wonder and its images in Medieval Islam
Victoria Bernal 1990-91 Philosophy
Rosemarie Bernard 1995-96 "The Historical Metaphor and Notions of the Sacred in the Ritual System of the Shikinen Sengu of Ise Jingu"
Purushottama Bilimoria 1991-92 The Indian Mimamsa theory of text and hermeneutics in comparison with their Western philosophical counterparts
Raoul Birnbaum 1986-87 Asian studies
Anne Blackburn 1998-99 "Buddhist Learning and the Formation of Monasticism"
  2004-05 "Researching Buddhist Institutional Histories" 
Heather Blair 2006-08 Japanese religions; Mountain Kinpusen and its role in political changes circa 1100
Alain Blomart 1998-99 Classics
Alfred Bloom 1959-61 "Shinran, His Life and Thought"
  1992-93 "Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture"
James Bloy 1983-84 Music
Melissa Borja 2003-04 Religious change among Hmong refugees from Southeast Asia resettled in Stockton, California
Eugene Borowitz 1982-83  
Joan Branham 2007-08 Theories of sacred space, the relationship of gender, blood, and sacrifice in the ancient Jerusalem Temple, and the iconography of late-antique synagogues and churches
Patrice Brodeur 1997-98 Contemporary Arab Muslim literature on religious Others
Douglas Brooks 1982-83 "Srividya Tradition in South India: A Study of the Texts and Contexts of Sakti Worship"
Karen Brown 1985-86 "Mama Lola: An Ethnobiography of a Vodou Priestess Living in Brooklyn"
Edwin Bryant 1998-99 Hinduism
Art Buehler 1992-93 The foundation of Naqshbandi authority and charisma in the Punjab, 1857-1947
Stephen Burgard 2014 "Reclaiming the Political Center: How Ideology, Religion, and Values Divide Us, and What We Can Do about It"
David Burrell 1989-90  
Georgia Bush 1991-92 Interaction between religious and political ideologies in the rise of Hindu nationalism
William Bushell 1993-94 Contemporary tradition of Ethiopian Orthodox Christian eremitic asceticism
Manduhai Buyandelgeriyn 2000-02 Shamanistic healing practices among the Buriads of the Dornod Province in Eastern Mongolia
Candi Cann 1999-2000 Underground Christianity in modern Communist China
  2004-06 Comparative study of Christianity in China and Latin America
John Carman 2008-09 Christian-Hindu Interaction in South Indian Village Society
John Ross Carter 1971-72  
Javier Castaño 1996-97 Castilian Jews in the fifteenth century
Jocelyne Cesari 1998-99 "Islam in the West: The Issue of Pluralism"
Cha Mei 2001-03 Self-cultivation in Confucianism
Darshan Chahil 1980-81  
Chang Xiaqing 1993-94 "Mystical Tibetan Bon Religion on the Snow Mountain"
Cynthia Chapman 1993-97 Religion and politics in the prophetic literature (Hebrew Bible)
Chen Lai 1986-87 History of Chinese philosophy
Chen Wei-gang 1989-95 Relationship between interpretation theory and Confucianism
John Chirban 2002-03 Orthodox Christian approaches to healing
Saadia Chishti 1999-2000 "Fitra: The Islamic Nature of Man"
William Chittick 1995-96 Arabic texts on Islamic cosmology and the cosmological teachings of Ibn al-'Arabi
Chang-Sool Choi 1997-98 Early Buddhism—Four Seon (Dhyana) Theory
Sathianathan Clarke 1991-92 Religion and culture of the Paraiyar ("Out-Caste") communities of South India
Constance Classen 1991-92 Olfactory symbolism in different religions of the world as a medium for the Divine
Ruth Clements 1994-95 "Peri Pascha: Origen's Transformation of the Passover Narrative in Relation to Rabbinic Exegesis"
Sarah Coakley 2006-07 "Justice and Mercy in Jewish and Christian Tradition and American Criminal Law"
Thomas Coburn 1986-87 Religion
Martin A. Cohen 1995-96 Eastern mysticism, theology, and philosophy through research on Aurobindo, George Simon, and Ramakrishna
Michael Cohen 2002-03 "Abuse of Power in Religion and Medicine: Legal and Ethical Perspectives"
Monica Coleman 1994-95 "Deliverance as Ministry: American Captivity Narratives by Women, 1682-188?"
David Collins 1983-85  
Alanna Cooper 2002-03 "Silencing the Periphery to Write a History of Jewish Peoplehood: The Jews of Bukhara, Yemen, Georgia, and Kurdistan Talk Back"
Titus Corlăţean 2018-19 Family protection in Romania, family rights, secularism, religious freedom, ethno-religious politics, European identity, Islam, the Middle East
John Cort 1982-85 "Liberation and Wellbeing: A Study of the Svetambar Murtipujak Jains of North Gujarat"
  1987-90 "Liberation and Wellbeing: A Study of the Svetambar Murtipujak Jains of North Gujarat"
Harriet Crabtree 1982-89 "The Quest for True Models of the Christian Life: An Evaluative Study of the Use of Traditional Metaphor in Contemporary Popular Theologies of the Christian Life"
Heather Curtis 2003-04 The intersections of cultural discourses, medical practices, and religious devotion in late nineteenth-century North America