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Video: How We’ve Studied Religions at CSWR (1960– )

September 14, 2016

In this retrospective video, part of the Center’s celebration of the HDS bicentennial year, five professors and students with long relationships to the Center for the Study of World Religions discuss different eras in the Center’s history of studying religions: Peter Slater, professor emeritus, Toronto School of Theology and son of the founding director, Robert Slater; William Graham, Harvard professor of Islamic studies and former dean of Harvard Divinity School; Anne Monius, professor of Hindu studies at HDS; David Mozina, professor of Daoism and comparative theology at Boston College; Khytie Brown, PhD candidate in the Study of Religion, specializing in religion in the Caribbean region. Read more about Video: How We’ve Studied Religions at CSWR (1960– )

Special Inning: Student Stories

Special Inning: Student Stories

April 13, 2015

As part of the Innings & Outings series sponsored by the HDS Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Naohito Miura (MDiv), Ram Singh (MTS), and Martha Meilleur (MDiv) shared their respective experiences as members of the Johrei, Sikh, and Spiritualist communities. While the HDS student groups represent a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions, these individuals demonstrate how our student body is even more diverse than the current list of registered student organizations.

Miura, resident at the CSWR and member of Sekai Kyusei Kyo IZUNOME, shared his personal Read more about Special Inning: Student Stories

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

September 15, 2013

Charles Carstens, a Ph.D. student in Buddhist studies, spoke at CSWR on Sept. 11 as part of the panel “Studying Religion in the Post-9/11 World: The Importance of Taking Religion Seriously from a Humanities Perspective in Troubled Times.”