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CSWR Resident Melissa Lago

Embodied Practices and Poetry

March 27, 2017

On March 8th, Center for the Study of World Religions (CSWR) resident and MDiv candidate at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), Melissa Lago, gave a presentation entitled, “Embodied Practices and Poetry.” She began by sharing what led her to her interest in embodied practices and poetry and how her courses at HDS have supported her research. Then she invited residents to participate in a guided yoga practice accompanied by music, which was followed by reading, reflecting on, and discussing the poem Traveling Companions, by Rumi.

Nina Bryce

Peace in Myself, Peace in the World

March 8, 2017

On March 1st, CSWR resident Nina Bryce led a workshop entitled “Peace in Myself, Peace in the World.” Nina began by framing this workshop within her work in the field of youth development and within her studies at HDS. Having been a full time youth worker before starting the MDiv at HDS last fall, Nina is interested in the meeting place of spiritual practice and social change and has found youth work  with teenagers to be an area ripe with possibility for this work.

Soltan Bryce

A Case Study in Intersectional Identities: Autoethnography of Soltan Bryce

March 3, 2017

On February 22nd, CSWR resident Soltan Bryce gave an autobiographical presentation titled “An Autoethnographic Case Study in Intersectional Identities.” Soltan framed his talk by tying his lived experience as part of the CSWR community to the Center’s founding principles and mission. By exploring his own intersectional history, Soltan contributed to a shared understanding of contemporary faith identities and the complex role that religion plays in modern societal structures.