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Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

February 17, 2017


On February 8th, CSWR resident Danny Kraft gave a presentation titled “Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto.” Danny framed his talk with an introduction to scholarly and popular perceptions about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.  For many decades, the prevailing assumption was that Jews did not resist their persecution, and that any instances of resistance, such as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, must be seen as exceptional.

CSWR Staff Assistant Dorie Goehring, MDiv '16.

A Faith-Based Response to Islamophobia

February 7, 2017

CSWR Staff Assistant and MDiv in Islam '16 Dorie Goehring wrote a piece discussing a faith-based response to discriminatory policies published by The Tempest.  You can read her work here.  

Visiting Scholar Dr. Robert MacSwain

The Hagiological Argument for the Existence of God

February 3, 2017

On February 1, CSWR resident Rob MacSwain presented on his sabbatical research project dealing with the idea of saints as evidence for God. He began by introducing the traditional tendency of Western Christian philosophy and theology to offer arguments for the existence of God and summarized the classic arguments. Rob then showed that, although the claim is rarely encountered in standard discussions, several prominent figures have argued that exemplary human lives motivated by religious belief (“saints”) provide evidence for the existence of God, and indeed perhaps even the best evidence.

Picture of Laura Anne Thompson, PhD Candidate in Religion and Anthropology.

Blasphemy Cases in Post-Arab-Spring Tunisia (2011-2013)

October 26, 2016

On October 26th, CSWR resident Laura Thompson presented on archival research relating to her larger dissertation project, which looks at a series of blasphemy cases in post-Arab-Spring Tunisia (2011-2013). Laura framed her talk by asking residents to consider the purchase of "semiotic ideologies" (Webb Keane's term) and "moral injury" (Saba Mahmood's term), two terms used to understand some Muslims' anger in the wake of the Danish cartoon and Charlie Hebdo controversies.

Melissa Coles, MDiv candidate

Reflections from Clinical Pastoral Education at Massachusetts General Hospital

September 28, 2016

"Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half sorrow."

- Swedish proverb

On Wednesday, September 28, Melissa Coles, a Master of Divinity candidate at Harvard Divinity School and resident at the Center for the Study of World Religions, presented "Reflections from Clinical Pastoral Education at Massachusetts General Hospital" during the CSWR residents' weekly café.

How We Study video thumbnail

Video: How We’ve Studied Religions at CSWR (1960– )

September 14, 2016

In this retrospective video, part of the Center’s celebration of the HDS bicentennial year, five professors and students with long relationships to the Center for the Study of World Religions discuss different eras in the Center’s history of studying religions: Peter Slater, professor emeritus, Toronto School of Theology and son of the founding director, Robert Slater; William Graham, Harvard professor of Islamic studies and former dean of Harvard Divinity School; Anne Monius, professor of Hindu studies at HDS; David Mozina, professor of Daoism and comparative theology at Boston College; Khytie Brown, PhD candidate in the Study of Religion, specializing in religion in the Caribbean region.