Audio: Doing Comparative Theology with Foucault?

November 2, 2012
Audio: Doing Comparative Theology with Foucault?

A lecture with Marcell Sass, Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education, University of Münster, Germany and visiting fellow at the CSWR.

"Discourses do not stand still, they develop, sometimes in surprising and unpredictable ways." With his concept of discourse, the French philosopher Michel Foucault offers the chance for a deeper understanding of changes and development within different societies, especially in his book Archaeology of Knowledge. For Foucault, discourses are always restrictive by controlling and in many ways even determining what can and cannot be said within one discourse. But, moreover, there are also many different discourses visible within any one society, some of which begin to cross boundaries between societies. This lecture seeks to explore in which way this concept could benefit the various efforts in Comparative Theology.

This event was part of the series Comparative Theology: Lectures and Conversations, coordinated by CSWR Junior Fellow Axel Takacs.

FileDoing Comparative Theology with Foucault? by Harvard Divinity School