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Nina Bryce

Peace in Myself, Peace in the World

March 8, 2017

On March 1st, CSWR resident Nina Bryce led a workshop entitled “Peace in Myself, Peace in the World.” Nina began by framing this workshop within her work in the field of youth development and within her studies at HDS. Having been a full time youth worker before starting the MDiv at HDS last fall, Nina is interested in the meeting place of spiritual practice and social change and has found youth work  with teenagers to be an area ripe with possibility for this work.

Soltan Bryce

A Case Study in Intersectional Identities: Autoethnography of Soltan Bryce

March 3, 2017

On February 22nd, CSWR resident Soltan Bryce gave an autobiographical presentation titled “An Autoethnographic Case Study in Intersectional Identities.” Soltan framed his talk by tying his lived experience as part of the CSWR community to the Center’s founding principles and mission. By exploring his own intersectional history, Soltan contributed to a shared understanding of contemporary faith identities and the complex role that religion plays in modern societal structures.

Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

February 17, 2017


On February 8th, CSWR resident Danny Kraft gave a presentation titled “Life, Death, and Spiritual Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto.” Danny framed his talk with an introduction to scholarly and popular perceptions about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.  For many decades, the prevailing assumption was that Jews did not resist their persecution, and that any instances of resistance, such as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, must be seen as exceptional.

CSWR Staff Assistant Dorie Goehring, MDiv '16.

A Faith-Based Response to Islamophobia

February 7, 2017

CSWR Staff Assistant and MDiv in Islam '16 Dorie Goehring wrote a piece discussing a faith-based response to discriminatory policies published by The Tempest.  You can read her work here.  

Visiting Scholar Dr. Robert MacSwain

The Hagiological Argument for the Existence of God

February 3, 2017

On February 1, CSWR resident Rob MacSwain presented on his sabbatical research project dealing with the idea of saints as evidence for God. He began by introducing the traditional tendency of Western Christian philosophy and theology to offer arguments for the existence of God and summarized the classic arguments. Rob then showed that, although the claim is rarely encountered in standard discussions, several prominent figures have argued that exemplary human lives motivated by religious belief (“saints”) provide evidence for the existence of God, and indeed perhaps even the best evidence.