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Grace Nono, HDS Visiting Lecturer in Women and Shamanism

Decolonizing Voice

March 23, 2016

Scholar of Philippine shamanism, ethnomusicologist and singer Dr. Grace Nono who currently serves as Research Associate of the Women's Studies in Religion Program and HDS Visiting Lecturer in Women and Shamanism, delivered a performance-lecture for the World Religions Café on Wednesday, March 23.

Eagle Dancer Kachina

Eagle Dance Display

March 11, 2016

Currently in the lobby of the CSWR, there is an Eagle Dance display in the exhibit case. Displays change every couple of weeks, so visitors are invited to come back frequently to see the newest exhibit!

Farah Zahra, MTS candidate

Audible War: Musics of Syrians at Home & in Exile

March 9, 2016

"I sent my soul to wander in my home, when my footsteps towards it have lost their way, to ask our home if it still remembers us, or has it forgotten us even since we left"From the song "I sent my Soul to You," by Syrian poet M.D Sabouni.

On Wednesday, March 9, Farah Zahra, an MTS candidate at Harvard Divinity School and a resident at the Center for the Study of World Religions presented on "Audible War: Musics of Syrians at Home & in Exile."