Faculty Grants

The Center is occasionally able to offer grants to Harvard University faculty to support projects that are beneficial both to the research, publication, and teaching of the faculty involved, and also to the programming of the Center as generally outlined in its mission statement.

Successful applications reflect the values inscribed in the Center’s Mission Statement:

  • to promote the study of the world's religions in their classical and historical forms, drawing on traditional and contemporary disciplines of learning;
  • to promote understanding of the complex roles that religions play in today’s cultures, economies, and political structures;
  • to foster community of life and intellectual exchange among the faculty, students, and staff of the Divinity School, particularly through the unique resource that is the Center's residential community;
  • to facilitate the interaction of the Divinity School's faculty and students with colleagues around the university, as well as institutional collaboration with other schools and centers;
  • and to convene conversations among scholars and practitioners across the global network that is the Center's heritage and future.

(The faculty grant guidelines are currently under review.)


  • Deadline for submission is April 1.
  • All funding must be spent between July 1 and June 15 of the fiscal year in which the grant is received. Excess funds may not be applied to purposes other than the purpose stated in the proposal nor used after the expiration of the grant period.
  • Particular interest is afforded to proposals coming from junior faculty.
  • No one is eligible to receive a grant within two years of a previous award.
  • Joint proposals are welcomed, including research projects involving graduate students as junior collaborators.
  • Preference will be given to proposals that feature a public event for the sharing of the proposed research. In lieu of such an event built into the project itself, recipient agree to make a public or semi-public presentation at the Center within one academic year of receiving the grant.
  • The Center cannot take responsibility for organizing events or other work related to the award.

2015–2016 Recipients

The 2015–2016 CSWR faculty grant was awarded to Emily Click, Assistant Dean for Ministry Studies and Field Education, Lecturer on Ministry at HDS and Cheryl Giles, Francis Greenwood Peabody Senior Lecturer on Pastoral Care and Counseling at HDS.  Click and Giles’ joint research project is titled "Rational Wisdom As A Resource for Professional Boundaries: An Interfaith, Interdisciplinary Conversation."

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For more information, please contact:

Center for the Study of World Religions
42 Francis Avenue, Cambridge 02138
617.495.4495 or cswr@hds.harvard.edu